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Farmers Market is the largest retailer of locally grown New Mexico produce, when they are in season.

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We have two locations. The original store is at the corner of Eubank and Snowheights. Our new west side store is conveniently located at Cottonwood Mall on Coors Bypass. We have been serving fresh produce to our customers since 1962 as a local, family owned business, now in third generation.

There is no other place in town where you can find a similar, original feeling with an abundance of colorful fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce. We bring these products to the consumer faster, fresher, and cheaper.

Welcome to visit Albuquerque original Farmers Market at the corner of Eubank and Snowheights or our new west side store on the Coors Bypass, just west of the Cottonwood Mall

Farmers Market Albuquerque
Provides Fresh Produce

For nearly 50 years we have provided the Albuquerque community with a less expensive, fresher alternative to Super Market shopping. Our produce buyers prefer buying locally grown produce when it is in season and always promise to do their best year round in finding the highest quality, at prices no one can beat.

Don’t take our word for it; there has to be a reason that we have stayed in business for over 50 years. Come in and see for yourself.

Farmers Market Keeps it Fresh

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