New Mexico Chile

New Mexico Chile & Chili

New Mexico Chile is our dearest specialty. Farmers Market started commercial chile roasting  first in New Mexico 35 years ago and has been doing it ever since. We are the pioneers of chile roasting.

In the rest of the world you can hear a question “Red or White” when you go to a restaurant and waitress wants to know your wine favorite. In New Mexico you cannot go to a restaurant without being asked “Red or Green?” for your chile favorite. Chile comes in two colors and it can be added to almost any food.

Chile is in season in New Mexico from late July through late October.  We roast and sell fresh New Mexico green chile through the entire season.  The rest of the year, we roast and sell fresh chile from Mexico.

No matter what time of year, we can also fill your New Mexico chile needs with powders and pods.  We sell red chile pods from mild to extra hot, and both green and red chile powders.

To order Chile, visit our original location
at the corner of Eubank and Snowheights

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