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A little history about Farmers Market

Farmers Market first started in Albuquerque in 1947 when a young man named Ralph Basila and his wife Emma Torres Basila opened up a wholesale produce company under the name of Ralph Basila Produce. It was very successful, and after a few years Ralph decided that there was also a dire need for an alternative to the super market type of produce shopping. He felt that he could get fresh vegetables and fruits to the consumer faster, fresher, and cheaper. Basila decided it was time for a Farmers Market approach for fresh fruits and vegetables. He opened up the first Farmers Market in 1962 and it was hugely successful. Ralph’s untimely death in 1970 moved his daughter Joanne and son in law Jack Browne into overseeing operations. Soon thereafter their son Jhett joined them in the family business, to be followed by their youngest son Lance. Jack Browne passed away in 2003 and the business is now operated by Jhett and Lance Browne, Jhett’s wife Jo and their mother Joanne and children helping out. Also most of the staff at Farmers Market has been around for many years.

So you see Farmers Market is a small family business, with a lot of faith, and perseverance, committed to serving the community and making life better for everyone.


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